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Company History
Brabant Research has been in existence since 1987. Our focus: Human Nutrition.
However: to get to the nutrition of a human you must start with the nutrition of the soil, nutrition of the soil organisms, nutrition of the plant and finally the impact on nutrition of the system as a whole..air, water, soil, cultural practices, varieties, fertilizers and so on and so forth.
Not an easy research project.
When we started we were primarily a research organization investigating biological and botanical phenomena. Our early work involved genetics and inherited disease resistance as a function of cellular fertility. Basically, did fertilizer programs affect the plant cell's ability to reproduce, faithfully, the bred disease resistance? From this investigation, we initiated field-testing fertilizer programs to gather as much information from as many commercially available fertilizer products as possible. We worked year round, in every soil, species and climate possible, to understand how plants are affected by genetics, disease, fertilizers, climates, soil chemistry, insects, symbiotic relationships, soil organisms, etc. This work has been the core of our understanding of what influences a plant therefore, what influences us.

Early in that project, we recognized problems with commercially available fertilizer products. Namely, the presence and uptake of some of these products have a negative impact on both the plant and plant biological environment. Continuing research has shown that this is indeed the case, both plant and the environment are adversely affected by fertilizer and chemicals applied as well as the genetics of the crop specie. The result is variable crop yields, variable nutrition and environmental impact (positive & negative.)

It has been our desire to work within the system rather than outside it, but that has not always been the case.
In order to advance the understanding of the relationship between our health & our nutrition we have been forced to develop our own lines of fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides. Cutting edge, our own developed technology.
Today, in addition to the continuation of all the above work, we are focusing on research clinical trials using nutritional inputs from our growing programs; highly nutritious grains, fruits and vegetables grown to help maintain remission in cancer patients and help investigate environmental issues impacting cancer and other health problems.
In the end, the growers have to get results. In the end, the consumers have to get the benefits. In the end, corporations need to be responsible. We at Brabant Research, have spent every dollar we make helping to find real answers to real problems. There has not always been a patent at the end of our long, hard work, but there has always been a good night's sleep.
Truth first, always. The more work we do, the better we understand, the easier to build upon that work, the more we wish to work, the more we work. Neither the left nor the right, it is the middle of the road that produces the best of all possible worlds.
Brabant: Feeding the plants that feed you.
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