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Consulting: Puget Sound Region, Washington USA

I wanted to take a minute of your time to introduce Brabant Research; our work in the grain, fruit, vegetable, wine & vineyard industries. And our consulting and analytical services.


          In our effort to help the horticultural and wine industries of the West Coast region we have opened: 1) a new consulting and manufacturing arm/office in Spokane Valley Washington, 2) are finishing the preparations for a new analytical laboratory and 3) have located our newest research farm where we will work with educational institutions, growers and technology vendors to exhibit the newest techniques being utilized, world-wide, in the grain,  horticultural, vineyard and orchard industries; conventional & organic.


           For the agronomic & grain operations: Brabant was instrumental in the development of the fertilizer changes in the industry in the mid-1980s, the changes in the vegetable fertilizer industry in the mid-1990s (both conventional and organic), and remains the cutting edge of consulting, research and development across the entire community of food and nutrition industries.


          For all: Brabant is one of the world's leading horticultural consulting groups. We access technology from a world-wide platform bringing to your operation not just growing system information but marketing, management and an aggressive insight into what makes the success of one operation different than the success of another. Our range of experience extends over a world platform. From the Rioja region in Spain, French varietal work in France & Quebec and throughout the major regions of the USA that include California, Virginia, Michigan and New York. All climates, soils and geography; from marine temperate to arid desert Brabant has performed the consulting work in every phase of horticultural and agronomic growing.

Brabant also designs both conventional & organic fertilizers, organic pest products and growing systems (conventional & organic), to customize cost-effective technology to fit your unique circumstances. No other consulting organization in the USA has the range of expertise Brabant has acquired through the last 27 years.


          In an effort to be of service to your organization, Brabant is opening a fully equipped analytical laboratory in the Spokane/Eastern WA region. The services we offer provide real science for real answers to your very real problems. We offer testing for soil, plant and fruit element/nutrient analyses as well as pest, bacteria and fungal identification. To be a true "full service" lab we also perform wine-must, fermentation and final product analyses. No problem you may have with either the growing of or the processing of virtually any crop cannot be fully, and quickly, scientifically ascertained. In this, there is no guessing what may have happened or how to fix the issue: the causal issue is found with reproductive certainty and the answers addressed with positive, timely results. This is critical if your operation needs immediate answers.


          We look forward to working in the West Coast regions.

You may think we are "new" to your area but we have been quietly studying soil, water, climate, pollution and pest issues affecting the region since the late 1980s.        

Real Answers For Real Problems.


          Please call Brabant to discuss your farm's needs.



Best Regards,

Dr. Richard Lasker, PhD


Brabant Research, Inc.

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