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Health & Nutrition
Brabant Research is involved in numerous health research projects and initiatives and we continue to expand our research into a number of community health concerns. We recognize that the majority of health issues are due to poor nutrition not only in our daily diets but also in the foods we consume. Such problems as cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes are major killers not only in our country but abroad as well. Poor diet is THE major contributing factor to all these health issues yet only now are we just starting to hear the FDA and USDA admit this. Whole-food clinical trials are missing from independent research and no one is analyzing the foods we have access to in the grocery stores.

Brabant is here to help the community better their health and wellness. We are saying what needs to be said and doing the research that needs to be done.

We are involved in research clinical trials utilizing nutrition as a means to develop Novel Cancer Treatments in order to increase time between relapses or eliminate them all-together in cancer patients. We are also involved in nutrition trials in order to investigate the power of high-nutrient dense foods (vegetables and fruits grown properly and fed with macro and micro nutrient fertilizers... not just NPK!) in prevention of cancers, cardiovascular disease, and other health issues.

As we find data, we will be informing the public of what we've found. We have no need to hide what we find. We are not making money from our discoveries nor are we in partnership with any pharmaceutical research groups. We are here for the community, not to make money. This is the philosophy that drives what we do.

Please check back as we finalize our research and check for media announcements as they become available.

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