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Special Seed Service Announcement
Please contact:

Puget E Group, Inc.
3808 N. Sullivan Rd
Bldg 17A
Spokane Valley WA  USA  99216

for seed working using our proprietary seed treatments:







Brabant Research, Inc. announces a new collaboration between Puget E Group, Inc., Spokane Valley WA and Brabant Research, Inc.

PEG will offer the proprietary seed treatments, ACCEL! & AEXCEL, discovered and developed by Brabant to the seed breeding and sales industries.

ACCEL! & AEXCEL comes in a number of different levels which controls fungal, bacterial and viral seed-borne pathogens. Additionally, the processes enhance seedling vigor, increase germination percentage, condense the germination-window time-frame, (from first seed germinated to last seed germinated) and is a wholly organic process so no impact to seed shelf-life or world markets.


Contact Puget E Group, Inc. for more information about these and other seed services:


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